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This is What Several Tourist Destinations in Wonosalam Do to Welcome The New Normal

01/06/2020 - 05:32 | Views: 241.03k
Illustration: Sumber Biru, one of the .most favorite tourist destinations in Wonosalam. (Photo: Koran Sindo)

TIMESJAKARTA, JAKARTA – Several tourist destinations in Wonosalam, Jombang, East Java started to prepare all the thing a they need to welcome the new normal regulations.

"We have that this new policy could encourage all people especially those who run hospitality business including this tourist destinations in Wonosalam," Suntoro, the Chief of Wonosalam tourism destinations community said on Wednesday (27/5/2020).

Still according to him, this new policy will be applied on several areas with high surge of visitors such as Malang, Batu and Yogyakarta starting on June, 1 2020.

Though Jombang has not included on those area, but for them this new policy such as a sight for a sore eyes to them. In addition, it.als.means that they still have more time to renovate their tourist destinations to welcome the visitors.

For your information, Wonosalam, Jombang, East Java has more than 30 agtotourism farms which could be visited once you visit the city. Yet during the Covid-19 time all of them must be closed temporarily to avoid the worse things happened.

"We are so enthusiastic to welcome the visitors. Of course with Covid-19 standard like what new normal regulation asked," Suntoro one of the owner of tourist destinations in Wonosalam, Jombang added. (*) 

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