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Indonesian Folk's Market at Wellington Got a Huge Attention from The Local Community

03/12/2019 - 00:22 | Views: 54.03k
The crowd at the Indonesian folk's market in Wellington. (Picture by: Indonesian Embassy for NZ)

TIMESJAKARTA, WELLINGTON – There are around 3500 people visiting the Indonesian Folk's Market at Cuba Street Wellington which was held by the Keluarga Masyarakat Indonesia (KAMASI) Wellington supported by The Indonesian Embassy for New Zealand (NZ).

The event which was held on Saturday (30/11/2019) was aimed to bring the Indonesian culture closer to the local community of Wellington.

Lots of people lining up to taste the Indonesian food served at the event such as fried rice, fried noodle, Satay Padang, Nasi Uduk, Indonesian Meatball (Bakso), Es teller and many more.

On the occasion, the Indonesian Embassy for NZ took a chance to introduce several of Indonesian local products and brand such as the popular instant noodle and the Teh Kotak (Indonesian popular brand of tea).

There were also some Indonesian traditional dance such as the Betawi, Batak, and Minahasa dance performed by the Indonesian community to entertain the visitors.

A choir and an Angklung performance were also presented by the students of SMA Terpadu Krida Nusantara Bandung led by the Indonesian Ambassador for NZ, Tantowi Yahya. Poco-Poco dance became another attraction that take the visitors of the event to dance along.

"I thank you so much for all the students of SMA Terpadu Krida Nusantara Bandung for coming here and presented a beautiful performance for all Wellington community," The Indonesian Ambassador for New Zealand said on the Indonesian Folk's Market. (*)

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